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About Us


Hi friends! Im Tiffany, owner, creator, designer, chief honcho at Candy Mint Designs. My business is all me, I wear all the hats. So when you make a purchase from Candy Mint Designs, I do the happy dance around the kitchen of my Adelaide home with my husband and two kiddies . 

Candy Mint Designs began as so many small businesses do, I was on mat leave with baby number two and I wanted a creative outlet that was ALL MINE! I have always made jewellery using different mediums for as long as I can remember. I started making jewellery using seed beads for my mum (she still has some of the pieces) continued onto loom beading, and just before I started Candy Mint Designs I was making glass lampwork beads. I moved onto using wood, carving, shaping it into beads and painting and drilling holes in them all by hand, but having two very small kids at the time made it really difficult to find the time. Once I discovered polymer clay it went from there.

I began making simple beads with polymer clay, but my love for it has expanded so much and I discovered my passion lies in making small, detailed earrings for adults and kids. My daughter's likes and interests are a huge inspiration to me. I also love to take trending products for kids and make them in a tiny version to wear. 

Candy Mint Designs is my hobby and creative outlet, something that I crave as a mum. I am a Registered Nurse who works part time, but my business is what I love to do. 

Thankyou so much for visiting Candy Mint Designs. You can be assured that everything is quality made with love.

Tiffany xo